We cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. We used the bacon fat to grease the pan for the eggs in honor of our grandmothers. I also had a bowl of granola (after I picked out the raisins). Spent several hours at Market Days. Funnel cakes on today’s agenda along with buying me a new mattress. Judy Tenuta wasn’t very funny but I’m not an aficianado of ‘the louder I scream the funnier I am’ type of comedy – plus all of her jokes were at least 6 months old. She was still talking about Martha Stewart. Reminders to talk about: hot old guys, internment camps and bathhouses.

Jagged Little Pill as breakfast music. More later.






3 responses to “Sunday”

  1. Ron Avatar

    “It’s meeting the man of my dreams
    And then meeting his beautiful husband

    “Isn’t it ironic?”

  2. jakester Avatar

    They got rid of the Fried Snickers. Honestly, what’s the point in going anymore?

  3. Patrick Avatar

    Ironic? Nah…just bad timing.

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