sunday, september 30

Wonderful weekend with Ron-tastic. We met up on Friday afternoon for dinner at Ping-Pong (I am obsessed with their sesame chicken). Then we realized we’d started our date way too early – it was 9 and we weren’t due to go out until 11:30. Hung out for a while and then went dancing, Richard joined us and then Teddy and Gilbert came in as well. Got to bed around 2. Breakfast at Ann Sather with Brigitte and then we walked around and shopped and then lunch at Einstein’s Bagels and then green tea whilst reading the newspaper and then we went downtown to look at the sale stuff at Banana Republic – we discovered an amazing phenomenon – this was the Sucks-to-Be-Short Sale. They had 32 waist stuff – but nothing in 28 inseam (Ron) or 30 (me) – even one of the sales associates confirmed that – “Yeah, 28 and 30s are the first things to go.” Damn! I tried on a pair of 32 inseam but I don’t want to have to hem my pants. Dinner at Joy’s and then we watched Trick, which I had never seen though had been told numerous times that I am exactly like the Christian Campbell character. I hope I’m not that damned boring and wussy. I’d rather be the studly stripper. >sigh< The scene with the drag queen in the bathroom was amazingly written and delivered in one complete take - great monologue - and the Tori Spelling monologue at the end was very good as well. See - I like a happy ending - if the characters earn it. Characters should have to crawl through shit for the happy ending. But a great movie and very very good sense of comedic timing.

Bush is telling everyone to travel and fly. Right.

Ron always calls out to his roommates when we enter the apartment: ‘Teddy? Dita?‘ I finally asked and dita is Tagalog slang for ‘girl’ or ‘girlfriend’.






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