sunday, september 23

Olivia’s dance concert was good – I hadn’t been to a dance event since college. I always forget what a great dancer she is – such nobility to her presence onstage. And such care and articulation with all of the movements – there were three dancers out of the corps that I liked. Three of the dance pieces I really enjoyed and I filed some images in the back of my head for further churning. I can’t stand dance without narrative. It drives me nutty. And all the flowly, drapy ballet stuff is always about setting someone free! or soaring to the sky! It’s like a PBS douche commercial – all billowy and over-feminine. Ron was writhing to do some dance work. It breaks my heart, his story – he fractured his hip in three places in 1994 and was told he could never dance again. That would be like if someone chopped off my hands. I want him to dance again – I know, I know: it’s not my journey. But I just keep thinking of Chita Rivera and all of her bullshit – but she could afford all of that physical therapy. It just grinds me up to see in his eyes how much he misses dancing. But he loves flying now. He goes back to work at United – he didn’t get laid off after all. He can’t wait to get back up in the air. I went up to Olivia’s mother after the concert and said ‘I forget what a bad-ass your daughter is,’ and she says, ‘a what?’ and I say, ‘A bad-ass. Don’t worry – it’s a good thing’ and she says, ‘oh sorry! I’m used to giving detentions for talk like that!’ Ah, us simple mid-westernites.

Throat getting better each day – markedly better in the past two. I have a nasty white sheath of blobulousness in the back of my throat. Eeeewwwwwww! Ron got to meet a lot of my friends last night and couldn’t believe how nuts we are. I warned him. Karen and I kidnapped him and took him for Oberweis ice cream. Yum-yum. I nearly pissed myself when Karen sang that ‘Superman’ song like a chicken… I wish I could remember the real title (it’s not the Kryptonite song…). Bawk-bawk bawk-bawwwwwwwwwwk! So hysterical. It was raining so hard this morning I thought someone was in my shower.






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