sunday, september 2

I re-upped my picture on Am I Hot Or Not to be part of MetaCube’s project. Such an ego stroke – rating hanging at a steady 9.9.

Worked out this morning (chest, shoulders, triceps) and then had lunch with Eric at Leona’s.

Saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch (the movie). I liked it – I had a brief nap at the very beginning and then was quite alert and enjoyed the rest of it. Very imaginative. I want to go see the stage show of couse.

Show went well. Only annoyance was I reminded and hounded the actors before we began to talk loud so we could turn on the air conditioning during the show. I was in the back row and I knew many couldn’t hear. So next week they can sweat their balls off – I’d rather have actors soaked through their clothes than not having the story told. I’m such a despot.






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