sunday, october 21

I’ve been having the urge to get a tattoo again. I keep obsessing about this for a few weeks at a time. Yeah, I know it’ll look faded when I get older – but it’s on that list of things I think I’ll regret having not done. Maybe I can convince Heather to dive in with me. And I want to shave my head and get my ear pierced. Extreme changes seem to be broiling underneath the sur-face.

I hate when people use the word guesstimate – it’s redundant – an estimation by definition is a guess. And guesstimate just qualifies your data with less accuracy – so why offer up the data at all if it isn’t accurate? I’m constantly surprised how much of my obsessions involve accuracy and politeness. Like the whole gay/bi thing. Yes, right now I’m dating a man. But yes, I still find women attractive. I just want to be accurate. Or if I get home and realize I forgot to thank someone for the car-ride or for paying for dinner I’ll even call them up or email them the next day.

Call for submissions: I’ve been invited to a Come As You Aren’t Party (Anthony’s birthday party). The theme is really doppelganger but people keep getting confused. What is my opposite? I see myself as being so whole and balanced that I don’t have a very good perspective. I thought of doing something really military or really jockish. Something ultra-agressive. I dunno. Email me what you think.






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