sunday, july 8

Just got off the phone with Maria – my girlfriend from pre-school. She’s coming up to Chicago next week and we’re gonna hang out. It will be crazy to see her. She’s got two kids and her husband supposedly looks like me. Maria and I used to walk hand in hand to kindergarten together. I haven’t seen her in like eight years. This will be quite fun. I think she sorta named one of her kids after me too. I just want to ask her what she remembers me being like – to have people like that that knew you when you were so so young and then ask them – ‘who the hell was I?’ or ‘who do you remember me as?’ just seems so intriguing. Do that kind of research into your past and ask people what they remember you being when you were that young. I try to remember when I was unstoppable.

Ran this morning on the lake – it’s really warm this weekend. I am almost done with a draft of episode three of Sinister then I’m gonna go to the Gap, get some computer paper – come back and start editing the three episodes. We have a read-through tomorrow. I don’t feel like the third episode is as good as the other two. I’m hoping the cast can give me some useful ideas and feedback on what else belongs in the third episode.






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