sunday, july 22

Today was one of those wonderful solitary days. Got in from clubbing at 4am and then slept to 8:30am and got up, worked out, went shopping (I’m on a quest for plain-front khaki shorts), went to the theatre bookstore and on the way back took my self to see Jurassic Park III. Why must we endure that moustache on William H. Macy? The movie was pretty straightforward – not much plot – just run from the dinosaurs. And again – the only kid in it has to have the standard issue kid-in-a-movie-with-a-1960s bowlcut. If I was stranded on an island of dinosaurs I’d be shaved head, loincloth and all Lord of the Flies in the first day. Of course the dinosaur animation was astounding. The pteranodon sequence was the best part of the whole flick. I only paid $5 to see the movie so I feel like that was worth it totally. And now I’m home and the four hours of sleep I had today is starting to point me towards slumber.






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