sunday, january 28

I’m up. Slept till noon. That was nice. I noticed that I haven’t been dreaming lately. Hmmm… that usually means I’m not getting enough sleep. Must remedy. Listening to The Downward Sprial. God I fucking love this CD. It is so amazing:

you had all of them on your side (didn’t you? didn’t you?)
you believed in all your lies (didn’t you? didn’t you)

So fucking vicious – I love it.

nothing can hurt me nothing can hurt me nothing can hurt me nothing can stop me now

Maybe I’d be more perky if I listened to more Anastacia.

I can’t wait to see if RJR kicks out the houseboy!!

won’t give up it wants me dead goddamn this voice inside head

Found a really cute boy’s blog last night. Go to his photo album – he is a real cutie-pie.

I keep forgetting the Super Bowl is today. I’m gonna be in massage till five anyway. Today is the first of the really intense days. Yikes. I’m really sore from dancing and working out on Friday so this should be nice. I still think Linda Werthimer would be a great fag-hag. Got the first of my play synopses on-line: this one is for Antigone.






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