sunday, february 18

I’m sitting here putting together all of my tax deductions for the year – the good thing about being involved in so many fields: theatre, music, web design, corporate America… is that nearly everything is a business expense. The worst part about putting your taxes together is looking at how much you made and then how much you have in your bank accounts and wondering where the hell it all went. Listening to The Matrix soundtrack which is still a badass fucking CD. Got rehearsal in an hour. Did laundry this morning.

On the way to my gym there is street construction and they have those steel panels over the part of the ditch their not working on. I want some of those steel panels. Trucks drive over them all the time. You could probably park a tank on one. I want to have one hanging on my wall. I wonder if makes a gong sound when hit. That would rock. I think when I have my big condo after I become nouveau riche I’ll have a big fucking gong hanging in the middle of the entry way for guests to bang on their arrival. That’d be so cool. And I think it’d be neat to have one big wall of my living room be a recreation of the glyphs from Akhenahten’s tomb in Egypt. Ever since that exhibit at the Art Institute detailing that period in Egypt where for 50 years everything was different and then his son Tut brought it all back. If I ever get a tattoo I think it’d be cool to get one of those hieroglyphics – because it was from an impermanent time that successors have tried to erase from history.

Got picked up at Roscoe’s last night. Cute guy named Al thought I was just adorable. I guess I should like being called adorable – that I am still young enough to be considered adorable. But adorable always makes me think of teddy bears and Hello Kitty. But if I get etymological it really means ‘worthy of adoration’ and I guess I can deal with that. I wondered if I should challenge myself to have a different date for every performance of my play… that’d be fun. That’s 12 dates. I bet I could do it. Though probably not on the weekends the ‘rents are in town.

Jon K was in town this weekend and he met us at the bar – he’s so funny and peppy – I love him. He misses Chicago desperately and says that the guys here are cuter than in San Francisco. I got to give him lots of shit 1) for having his domain register as a .org and 2) because he has a Flash intro for his site. He’s so much fun to terrorize. We used to trick him out onto the dance floor and then rip off his shirt when he wasn’t paying attention. He tries to be modest but boy’s got a nipple ring and a tattoo – you’re supposed to dance half naked when you’ve got ornamentation. My eyes hurt. I gotta take a shower before rehearsal. I can’t wait to find out who’s the father of Scully’s baby! I bet it is Mulder by some freak alien insemination occurence. That would be the ultimate way to torture fans – that they still never get to have sex but they have a baby together.

I forgot to tell y’all this – I was coming in to work through the Starbucks in the corner of the tower and I walked in and scanned the place as I came through. Two middle-aged women flagged me and were looking at me as if they knew who I was and that I was supposed to meet them. I shook my head no and kept walking. WHAT WAS I THINKING? For a brief moment my world could have collided in some new and unexpected twist – how long could I keep up the charade until they figure out who I really was? I regret not at least learning who they thought I was…






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