Straight Guys Further Co-Opt Gay Vanity

Cutting just short of metrosexual, profiles the ‘smoothies’:

The smoothie spends a lot not just on clothes and haircuts, but on highlights, spray-tans, manicures and pedicures, bodybuilding formulas, gym memberships, dry cleaning bills, man jewelry and hip-hop classes. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the smoothie is like a cross between a frat boy and Britney Spears.

I still laugh when I see the skin care commercials for men. I just never thought it’d come this far. That we’d weight male vanity to such an extent that we’d start to flip back the aged/leamanlythery/hairy aesthetic.

I just don’t think ‘smoothie’ is a good term. I think they should call it ‘fagged up’. It looks like a fight to the bottom to see who can be the fairest of them all.

Of course in five years we’ll see the swing back – where bodies that display hair and wear and tear will be popular again. I just think it is odd.

One thing for sure: this ain’t progress. 

Stock tip – start investing in mental health care centers that focus on men’s psychology and eating disorders. 






2 responses to “Straight Guys Further Co-Opt Gay Vanity”

  1. TheBrad Avatar

    Fight to the bottom? Please, honey. I’ve been to Chicago. There’s no need to fight for ’em. They’re everywhere.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Oh yeah!

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