Stone Cold Writin'

At the coffeeshop across the street. One thing I will say is that it is frigging cold here in this place. Good God. I need my mucklucks. You know what? I don’t even know what mucklucks are. I always assumed it’s like saying you need to put on your woolies. And that always conjures up images of me wrapped in a woolen parkas like Nanook of the North.

I need to get my haircut. It’s grown out enough. Did I blog that Ron and I shaved our heads? I think it was because we were both bored and leaning towards broke. What else can you do if you don’t want to go out and spend money? Stay home and shave things! I didn’t go all the way to Telly Savalas land but I did trim it down to about a #1 on the trimmers. It was nice and looked different but I’ll probably grow it out to where it was now that it’s getting colder. Especially since it’s getting colder indoors!

Rented the South Park movie. I always thought that the movie’s self-commentary was so clever. The way the movie mirrored the public reaction to itself. And the song writing is just great with each song obviously ripping off a cherished Disney or Broadway tradition. I think my biggest laugh is still when Brooke Shields says, ‘I farted once on the set of Blue Lagoon.’ Pause. Terrance reaches over and smacks her on the face. Pause. So clean, so abusive and yet so funny. Just like the Donna Chang episode of Seinfeld was on where the white girl from Long Island goes by a Chinese surname (“it’s actually Changstein”) and she says the word ‘ridicu-rous’. The pause before Jerry says anything has to be at least 20 seconds and he expertly milks it. Even a catch-breath to make a comment before stopping again gets a laugh. I think that’s one reason I can’t stop watching that show – it’s like 24 – it is such an expert example of so many storytelling convetions and it plays them to the hilt.

I think my fingers are numb.

I seem to operate on a five day cycle of inspiration. Any weekly commitments or plans for health or life or work seem to decay to pieces by day 7 – I look at this as needing a re-new or re-charge on day 5 to as Brigitte is wont to say, ‘re-focus, re-group, re-assess’. That’s what we’ll say after a particularly traumatic comedic event such as seeing a man wearing a Biore strip at the grocery store. That or I’ll turn to Brigitte and announce that I need to do some Inner Work. Goddamn she’s funny. All of my friends are so funny. I remember what a ball we had directing and producing my plays a few years ago with Alan, who is a comedic genius. We just howled through rehearsals every night.

I think one of the ladies at the cofeeshop might be transgender. She has very masculine features – not in a drag queen way though so I’m not sure – vey striking facial structure and none of the ‘sour queen’ tone to her voice. Maybe she’s just related to Maria Shriver – who recently had her face re-sharpened.

I’m still stunned by that post from this morning about the Catholic Church saying that condoms don’t stop AIDS. How fucking stupid can people be? If they’d taken the time to specify lambskin condoms I might – just might – have cut them some slack.

Got a lot done at work yesterday – a ton. Plus I got paid – yay! I still logon to my bank account a few times a week and look at the balance and say to myself: ‘Thank God’.

One of Ron’s brothers just had a baby. No – not his sister – this is a surprise baby! (He sounds more like he’s from the mid-west with each passing day!) His mom is a grandmother twice in a matter of months. The baby is half-Filipino and half-Guam – I forget what you call people from Guam. Guamanian? (later, I found it – the native people are called ‘chamorros’) Anyway – Ron and I are both betting the baby – a girl this time – has beautiful honey brown skin. The first asian girl I ever dated was half-Guam.

I keep journaling in my written journal about my propensity to take on more projects than I can handle. That my justification is that it’s going to develop at a slow enough pace that I’ll be able to bounce around from project to project. Plus – I have a habit of doing super-cheap web design work like I’m helping out a friend – not even a close friend – a sculptor from Venezuela, put a gallery portfolio on line and I’m doing it super duper cheap. I was noting that part of me loves being the helpful techie guy that helps out those less knowledgeable. I have always loved the rescuer and I’ve done much better at not rescuing people emotionally – but this habit is sliding in under the radar. I have to recognize that discounting my services is ultimately discounting my talents. My mom has done the same stuff with her business in selling discounts – trying to find the balance between pricing to sell but pricing for perceived value of a custom-made garment. That’s something the coach training right now is teaching me – that if you start off playing small and cheap you are likely to stay there. I wrote very clearly in my written journal: ‘I don’t need the money’. In the sense that I don’t need to cram all of my time making little bits of income here and there. That I have a great job so I can take the time to really plan for a bigger and more prosperous future. Sure, I could pay off debts faster – but it’ll come in time. Sooner than I estimate. I’m not under the gun anymore so I need to stop behaving like that.

I wish the Cubs madness would end. It manages to pre-empt both runs of Seinfeld and Simpsons. After every damn game they trot out the players who all say the same thing and then they don’t even pick up programming back where it should have started at 10. They just steamroll ahead to Classmates, a truly horrendously bad show.

I need to get my eyebrows waxed today as well – I almost got one of them caught in the doorjamb on the way out this morning. I swear that in my long-term care clause I will state that I will have my ear and nose hair trimmed weekly along with eyebrow maintennance. I still get so grossed out at ear whiskers. That is just nasty. Especially if you have a beard. It’s like an eyebrow growing from your brow to your temple to your sideburn then up your jaw to your chin and then up your nose. One long thick nasty whisker. Ick.

I got a ton of work ton yesterday which was great. I have had to make a list of all the projects I have at work because they all develop so slowly that it’s hard to keep tabs on everything and everyone. Hmmm… maybe that’s one reason I got the job that I did – because I’m good at managing lots of things that develop on parallel paths… ?

Alrighty – I wanted to write another 20 minutes but it is too damned cold in this icebox cafe.






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  1. Jay J Avatar
    Jay J

    Hi from DC Just thought you might want to know that perhaps you were referring to “mukluks” and they images of Nanook were just right… See, these “mukluks” are actually soft boots made of reindeer skin or sealskin and are worn by Eskimos. They’re also slippers with a soft sole resembling the boot!
    I love Autumn and Winter…
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