Stolen Towel

As any Douglas Adams fan knows, a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have. Mom had ordered some fancy towels for my new digs and they were en route to my abode.

I come downstairs this morning and in the stairwell is my package.

And it’s been opened.

Someone took one of my towels.

The package was inside the building – inside a locked building and some asshole took one of my frigging towels.

I used to live in Uptown and this kind of bullshit didn’t happen. Yes, someone defecated on my stairs once – but nothing was ever stolen. Sure they busted a drug ring down the street but no actual theft from inside my building.

Mom is gonna be pissed! I talked to dad and it seems everyone is experiencing a chaotic week – and this after writing affirmations in my journals the past several mornings.

In other news, the lakeside air show is this weekend so the jets are out rehearsing. I always expect to see napalm falling from skies. I wonder who pays for all the jet fuel for the air show…






4 responses to “Stolen Towel”

  1. Bingo Avatar

    I bet it was that bastard with the loud music… but why just one?

  2. Velociman Avatar

    Why, you and me, Andy, we pay for that jet fuel. And I, for one, don’t mind. I’d rather pay for fuel for an airshow than a crop subsidy. Besides, airshows are great. They are the circus, the fair, the traveling carnival of our times.
    Go watch the airshow, you’ll enjoy it!

  3. Andy Avatar

    They rehearse Thursday. They rehearse Friday. Then they do the airshow twice – Saturday and Sunday. That’s a lot of dick-swinging on our dollar.

  4. JC Avatar

    Maybe you should start telling people to put mousetraps in the packages they send you. Stealing towels is so bizarre.

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