State of the Kitty

Since my journal seems to be 1) a detailed chronology of the decline of American Empire and 2) a treatise to my cute kitten – I need to report out on said kitty.

Kitty’s name is…

Astroboy, flying through the air.


Astroboy is one of Ron’s favorite cartoon characters and I think it encapsulates kitty’s penchant for mischief. Whether he is enconced in the TV cabinet sorting through Star Wars DVDs or giving me the evil eye while I sleep – he is definitely a shit-starter. Though, thankfully not a shit-spreader. Plus, I like ‘Astro’ for short.

Sneezing is less frequent and I think it’s really just his lungs clearing. Following my sister’s advice, I’m mixing his usual food with the soft, fancy stuff that I’m using to trick him into taking his meds. He’s getting more playful and I’ve had to give him a timeout for biting. I’m serious – that’s what the anti-cruelty society said – you give your cat a timeout. Not sure if it’s working.






5 responses to “State of the Kitty”

  1. palochi Avatar

    I have some Vicodin you could drop into his fancy pants gourmet kitty food if the timeouts aren’t working so well. *joke* *sorta*

    Cool name, BTW.

  2. JC Avatar

    cat timeouts that is crazy talk!

  3. Michlt Avatar

    Astroboy! Haven’t thought about that cartoon for decades. It was one of my favorites too.

  4. Brooks Avatar

    My cat shit on the bed once because she was displeased with me. I did not give her a timeout. I held her down, put her nose up to it, and yelled, “NO!” about 25 times.

  5. sam Avatar

    Astroboy rocks!

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