Star Tribune on Same Sex Marriage

Another bloggin’ Andy points to this editorial in the Star Tribune:

What Americans can learn from Martin’s transformation, and that of many Canadians, is that religious freedom and a minority’s right to equality can go hand in hand under the Constitution just as they now do under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. No religious entity is compelled to marry a same-sex couple in Canada. This law is about civil marriage. What various religious entities do is entirely up to them. Canada is therefore free to protect the minority rights of gays and lesbians, and religions are free to marry or not to marry as their faiths dictate. These are two separate issues." 






3 responses to “Star Tribune on Same Sex Marriage”

  1. redmonkey Avatar

    I am impressed… and these nations give me hope that in time it’s inevitable that we will act like grown-ups too…

  2. jakester Avatar

    I’m wondering if there’s a way we could parlay the Red Sox World Series win into wider support for homo marriage among sports fans — some sort of “gay marriage = sporting success” formula that will have Joe Baseball Fan jumping out of his shorts to support gay marriage. Especially here in Illinois!

  3. palochi Avatar

    The problem is that our current government leaders, at best, actively turn away from doing anything to stop extremists from attacking gays and lesbians. They stand on our street corners, they spew in the media, and they’ve taken legal actions all in the name of “Jeebus” to do everything they can to persecute a subculture of their fellow Americans.

    If a group of people were doing the same thing to blacks, Jews, or any other minority, there would be a major uproar and backlash against these nutballs. Where is it for our side in America?

    How can a so-called civilized and enlightened society permit such acts of blatant oppresion to run rampant?

    Most of America is so wrapped up in paranoia and finger pointing they can’t be happy unless “someone” is the enemy. I’m surprised the GLBTQ community hasn’t been blamed yet for some aspect of 9/11.

    Sorry, but I’m beginning to lose faith it’ll ever change here in our lifetimes. If anything, I think we’ve only begun to see the start of something horrendous. If it’s not about the kids or making money or driving their SUVs wherever and however they want, most Americans don’t even want to be bothered anymore.

    We’re treated like a cursed special interest group when all we want to do is live safe and equal lives.

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