Purple 747 with spinning hubcaps.

Soulplane would have been funnier as a MAD (Vibe?) Magazine illustration parody. The movie itself is pretty lame and the plot is totally pointless but the jokes about a ghetto-fabulous (and at times, just plain ghetto) airline are intermittently funny. The highlight was coach.

Only coach class on NWA airlines (taking off from gate X – as in Malcolm) is called Low Class and consists of mismatched bus seats with subway adverts along the cabin. The beverage service consists of Colt 45 and the in-flight meal is a ‘take one and pass it’ brigade of Popeye’s chicken. Towards the back of Low Class are passengers that simply stand during the flight and hold on to leather handles, like on a subway train car. The flight safety video is delivered on an old beat up TV that the flight attendant has to attach aluminum foil to in order to get it to work (now that I can relate to).

This stream of initial creative touches is soon mired in stupid pointless sequences. The jokes are rarely clever and even the lame homophobic jokes are barely presentable. Though the turns of Mo’Nique and another comedienee as TSA security was profanity-ridden filthy fun.

Sure – the whole movie is a low reach – but there’s some giggles. Though the idea of the film is much funnier than the actual execution.

I think this is what people that fly United think Southwest is like.






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  1.  Avatar

    is of the hook

  2. captain mac reporting for duty Avatar
    captain mac reporting for duty

    the movie is off the hook for sure nigga! i absolutley thought it was the illest of all the ill yo!

  3. angelo Avatar

    cool as hell

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