Soldiers in Iraq Torture Prisoners


The abuses included sodomizing of prisoners, pouring cold water and chemicals on naked bodies, threatening detainees with rape and dog attacks, hitting them with chairs and broomsticks and locking them in isolation without food, water or a toilet for three days.

The clincher: they knew about the abuse months ago. And CBS sat on it for 2 weeks after that.






9 responses to “Soldiers in Iraq Torture Prisoners”

  1. sam Avatar

    I haven’t written about it because it makes me too angry. I really don’t know what to say.

    Weren’t some ( most? ) of the soldiers women? I just don’t understand their reasons. If these prisoners were enemy combatants perhaps, but if they were already in this jail pre-Sadam times, then it’s even more shameful. Either way it’s unacceptable. I think one of them said that they weren’t trained to handle prisoners. They needed training to know that what they were doing was wrong???

  2. Andy Avatar

    Another embarrassing aspect is the sheer glee of the soldiers doing the torturing. It stains the reputation of the armed forces – Look ma! We bagged a towelhead!

  3. Jef Avatar

    The fact that US female soldiers were also responsible blows me away. I mean, I can believe male soldiers when I think back to some guys I know who have gone into the military. It’s more in-line with primal male behavior. All in all, it’s unacceptable. I thought this was the kind of treatment we went into Iraq to stop.

  4. J.Scott Barnard Avatar

    “They” (if you mean the military) knew about it months ago and were investigating it already, before CBS decided to air the footage.–s

  5. Tim Z. Avatar

    We overthrow Saddam just to prove we can torture Iraqis as well as he could at his most notorious prison.

    A former Middle East correspondent for the NY Times and Wall Street Journal said that the photos of gleeful soldiers posing with their Iraqi victims were reminiscent of those pictures of public lynchings from the early 20th century featuring festive crowds celebrating with their naked and mutilated black victims hanging in the background.

    This is yet another reason why the Iraq invasion will provoke far more terrorism than it ever could have prevented. The Bush-Rumsfeld military has provided al-Qaeda with free illustrations for its recruiting posters.

    Operation Iraqi Freedom” indeed.

  6. Andy Avatar

    Yep – the delay is always a worry for me. If we are hearing the stuff that’s four months old – what is happening right now that we are finally going to be able to know in September?

  7. Jack Short Avatar
    Jack Short

    OK smarties, why can’t ANY wounds or bruises be seen on these poor ‘tortured’ souls and why are faces mostly unseen?? What a bunch of gullible narrow minded do-gooders you are!

  8. Andy Avatar

    So because the worst of the pictures haven’t been released yet means it’s not happening? Turn on C-Span right now – you’ll hear differently.

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