So Much to Do!

Whew! I have so much to say, so much to share and so much to get cleared out of the way! Trip home went fine:

Mullet sitings: 2 (concurrent, father-son). Within 5 minutes of stepping off plane.

On Louisville Airport entrance doors: NO FIREARMS (we’ve got conceal/carry)

Regional hobby: obesity and petrol consumption.

Cake: 1, made at Williams (812-284-BUNS) + Heath bar ice cream.

Birthday gifts: clothing + Clash of the Titans on DVD. RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Internet speed: dial-up.

Yardwork: mowed lawn for the first time in years. With dad. Sneezed like hell.






9 responses to “So Much to Do!”

  1. adbak Avatar

    I thought you lived in Chicago, but the (812) area code that you listed is for southern Indiana — the same southern IN that I live in. Weird 😉

  2. Andy Avatar

    I was home over the weekend. I live in Chicago. Grew up on the banks of the Ohio.

  3. palochi Avatar


    My god! Where were you again?! Zimbabwe?!

  4. jake Avatar


  5. Aaron Avatar

    Say, I know Louisville! I went to grad school at Morehead and went home with one of my students/speech team kids at Thanksgiving one year. He lived in Shepherdsville. LOVED that Galleria…parking was shitty however. All those beautiful Beemers rubbing fenders with my shitty Citation. The embarrassment…! BUT…I got to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Vogue Theatre…HIGHLIGHT of the trip. (Except that I got covered in Jello…not for the last time in my life.)

  6. andrew Avatar

    Happy birthday.

  7. Gigamatt Avatar

    Ah, home. Mullets and pickup trucks and dialup internet. I feel your pain. Of course, I dont have to leave the “big city” to see the first two. However, the antique malls back home kick ass, and real estate is cheap.

  8. jack Avatar

    “Regional hobby: obesity and petrol consumption”

    Andy gets off of a gas guzzling plane and whines about KY’s “petrol consumption”??? Oh, such typical smug American liberalism. As for obesity, why don’t we teach Africa what makes Americans so obese? It is called free markets, property rights and a sound legal system. Oh, but we aren’t really interested in helping starving people, we are more interested in bashing the U.S. and feeling good about ourselves. No wonder SouthPark is such a funny cartoon.

  9. Andy Avatar

    Considering my petrol consumption is less than average, living in Chicago with a public transit system – and the fact that the petrol for the plane was shared by hundreds of passengers – and for me to drive home would probably be even more gas – I’d say I made the right transportation choice.

    Americans are fat fucks because of poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

    Free markets don’t have anything to do with it.

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