Sneaking a Goodman

Totally forgot to chronicle Madge and I sneaking into the AFL-CIO’s Labor Communications convention to see Amy Goodman speak. I wasn’t sure we’d get in, but Madge had her video camera and I carried a tripod and nobody said anything. We set up in the back of the room just after they finished dessert and Amy gave a remarkable speech on taking back the media and the dangers of a corporate-owned press.

Amy is amazingly humble. She simply lays the facts out without noise or shouting and lets the facts speak for themselves. She recounts volumes of dates, people, organizations and connections without breaking a sweat and always keeps dry, wry sensibility.

She told the infamous ‘Things Get Messy on Sally Jesse story as well as her experience flying back from Africa to Haiti with Jean-Paul Aristide (he’d been kidnapped and flown out weeks earlier, accompanied by U.S. military jets).

She is an amazingly powerful woman – quiet, composed – and smart. Smart as hell and showing the courage to stand up daily and broadcast to the rest of the world the bullshit that is going on.

Screw Condi, Hillary or any of these other false idols. I want my little girl to idolize women like Amy Goodman.

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