Smirky McSmirkypants

Why are you always smirking at me?

I had walked past a guy on the street who was on the cellphone – he got off the phone and queried my smirking. He lives on Barry and I see him frequently at the grocery or walking his dogs. I do my ‘hi, we live in the same neighborhood you’re a familiar face’ half-smile which he must think is a smirk. He thought I was laughing at him or smiling for some reason other than to be friendly. I didn’t want to be too friendly because then you head into cruisy-ville. Argh.






2 responses to “Smirky McSmirkypants”

  1. Dennis Avatar

    i get them half-smiles from people on a daily basis, especially from women. women always give me half-smiles. i think they’re so weird, and i turn away quickly.

  2. kc Avatar

    They’re just being friendly, Dennis.

    I was walking down the street in Manhattan once, gawking at the high rises like the tourist I was. I caught the eye of this man who was looking at me, so I just automatically gave him a big friendly Southern-gal smile. Whereupon he stuck his tongue WAY out and waggled it around.

    After that I tried not to look anyone in the eye . . .

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