Sluts on Clark

I plum forgot to chronicle one of the most ego-gratifying elements of the
weekend. I’m walking down Clark with my groceries – wearing shorts and a tank top
back from the gym. A black car passes by and honks. I figure it’s someone I know
but I’m not able to see who it is so I keep on walking home. The driver turns around
pulls into the cross street. A white guy about my age is driving the car. He rolls down
his window:

Patrick: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Patrick: What’s your name?

Me: Andy. What’s yours?

Patrick: Patrick. Where you headed?

Me: Home.

Patrick: You live around here?

Me: Yeah, Clark and Wilson.

Patrick: Do you wanna ride home?

Me: Nah, that’s okay.

Patrick: Do you live alone?

Me: Yeah.

Patrick: Do you wanna play around?

Me: Um… nah… I’ve got a boyfriend and it’s my first one and I shouldn’t mess this
one up.

Patrick: Alright then. See ya round, Andy.

Me: Good to meet you, Patrick.

Since when did my life become a random intro to a Spice channel manfest?
Was I giving off The Vibe just walking down the street? I wasn’t in Boystown so
that was kind of a risk on his part… reflecting back I should have said: ‘Nah…
I don’t think my girlfriend would like that…’ Just to be even more of a tease. But
it was the first time I was ever out of the blue just propositioned like that. I’m
so use to being valued for my talents and abilities that it’s good to be a seen
as a piece of meat every now and then.

Mierka won a Jeff award last night for best original play. The Baum House’s
first Jeff award. Pretty crazy. I still remember sweating my balls off through
interminable company meetings way back when – and we’ve got our first
big award. I hope hope hope my play gets some acclaim as well.

has become unbearable in the last few weeks. I see no end to the constant
frustrations and absorbing the anger of employees having tech support
trauma with online applications that don’t work because the HR people got
ahead of the IT people. And more tasks and things piling up on my desk and
things aren’t going to change. They really aren’t. We’ve brought in one temp to
help so far and another is on the way – but that is my escape velocity isn’t it?
That it isn’t all that bad. That you can make it through. I can
make it through – I’ve been making it through. But again – I’m in a job where
my expertise in many fields: managing people, technology, desktop apps,
administration, tech support, web design, user testing… it all gets me to a point
where I’ve exposed too many talents without ensuring that my compensation is
commensurate. And that’s gotta stop. When the vendors are making $85, $175,
$200, $250 an hour and I’m still where I’m at. I have to say it stops. Plus I
can’t work for the boss I have right now. Panic attacks are starting again. I
think I’m going to try to get out by August. Stay tuned.






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  1. Ian Avatar

    congrats on the admirer…. If I was him I would have thought the same thing (but not been as forward, obviously)….

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