Slaving for Your Sweet Tooth

“In 2001, The US State Department and the ILO reported child slavery in the Ivory Coast, the origin of 43 percent of the world’s cocoa beans. Follow up research exposed poverty as the culprit . The average West African cocoa farmer earns only $60-$108 per year per household member from cocoa.”

Global Exchange has a classroom kit on educating children that other kids their age are slaving for their sweet tooth. as well as a list of certified free-trade chocolate companies.

You can also send a fax to M & M/MARS. I told them that I thought execs should take a small pay cut so families on the other side of the world can get a fair price for their cocoa. Oh that and I said that AMERICAN CHILDREN EAT CHOCOLATE TAINTED BY SLAVE LABOR AND DISEASED WORKING CONDITIONS.

Love that CAPS LOCK.






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