Sir Mix-A-Lot 'Put ‘Em on the Glass”

When I was a kid there was a channel called The Box where you could dial-in and request your favorite movie videos (I think this was later bought by MTV). One of the classic music videos then was Mix-A-Lot’s Put’Em On the Glass (this was after ‘Baby Got Back’ hit). We thought it was really funny: women washing cars with their breasts? Mix-A-Lot always seems to have tongue in cheek so this all strikes me as ludicrous more than anything. He’s nuts.

(Sexual content)






2 responses to “Sir Mix-A-Lot 'Put ‘Em on the Glass””

  1. JB Avatar

    We have a channel called The Box. Presumably it’s the same one. It went through a phase of having some great music when I was biting the bullet and coming to terms with myself…not so good since then, though.

  2. coteboy Avatar

    When I was a kid I used to watch this incredible video. The first time I couldn’t believe my eyes, in those days I never saw girls dancing like that. This man ‘sir mix a lot’ sure knows how to party good. Now I’m 25 and I’m still in love with the girl in pink suit, the one who dances at the right part of the screen and left of sir mix. Does anyone knows something about her? Last night I dreamt about her. it’s true.

    good viedo nand song . keep partying sir mix you are a great inspiration.

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