Short Guys

It’s funny, I didn’t really consider myself short until I went to acting school. Suddenly I was no longer eligible for any leading roles (at least onstage where you can’t do camera tricks). Plus, I guess there were lots of popular short guys in high school. From Salon:

Short muscular guys definitely make an impact. When they work out, they bulk up proportionally more than taller guys do – it’s like a walking sofa. They’re like compressed masculinity.

Ron and I often note that one reason we make a great visual compliment is because of our even heights and builds – though he is beefier than me, my shoulders are wider. Our buddy Christopher loves short guys and nearly swooned right into a Smith Machine at the gym last week when some short olive-skinned powerhouse walked by.

Plus, I’m glad that I’m short because as I age I won’t slump with a concave ribcage like taller-folk.






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  1. Dunner Avatar

    No complaints with my 5’5″, 135 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal I’ve got waiting for me…

  2. sam Avatar

    I’m 6’2″. I always wished I were more like 5’11”.

  3. Matthew Avatar

    I’m 5’10. I guess that really ain’t tall is it ? Hope your Monday was superb ! Ya’ll got snow heading your way hey ? YUCK….if ya need a break away, come on down to Sunny GA. I’m sure you could catch a midnight train outta Chicago.

  4. Alan Avatar

    I’m 6’2″, and I always wished I were more like 6’7″. 6’2″ just isn’t tall enough to be “tall”. Oh well, if wishes were horses beggars would ride….whatever that means.

  5. Ian Avatar

    well I’m a pint-sized 5’6″ – and I like it – I think it suits me. In fact I’m taller than I thought for many years, as people were always calling me “titch” and “shorty” so I imagined I was freakishly small…. And it’s true, you can put on (lean) weight so much easier too. I must remember the “compressed masculinity” thing next time i want to make someone blow milk out their nose.

  6. Gigamatt Avatar

    Funny — I always thought I was short in high school. Most of the guys were taller than me, and I’m 6’0″. I like the idea of “compressed masculinity” — a lot of the guys I dated who were shorter had less body fat and more muscle mass.

  7. Dennis Avatar

    short man representin’

  8. Jef Avatar

    I’m actual size and I’ve never had a problem with it. Does that make me atypical?

  9. RcktMan Avatar

    I’m 6’1″ and damn if short boys don’t get my blood pumping. I love ’em 🙂 They’re so damn cuddly and cute. 🙂

  10. Carlos Avatar

    I’m 16 and I’m 5’4. But I wish I was more like 5’11.

  11. Jack Avatar

    Well i am 5’4 something, and i fell like Sh#t every time i think about it. i have lost all my confidence in life, when i turned 20 and realized how shot i am.

  12. piyush Avatar

    i always thought i was medium range until i started going out with girls….being short sucks but u have some advantages the thing abt the work out and tht u can wear some clothes which look gud on short stature only. Besides u get short girls generally andd this is wht i like the most.
    P.S. i am 5.6″

  13. Brad Avatar

    I’m 5’6″, wish I were at least two inches taller – hey, Rcktman or Christopher – you need a date tonight?

  14. Josh Avatar

    I’m 16 and 5 foot 1 i work out a lot and in shape, but would it affect me when go into club and/or bars to meet women, when i’m due to my hieght. Or if i’m short (5 foot 1inch) and buff would it still work for meeting a descent looking girl?

  15. guven Avatar

    I am 5’7 and i have never had a problem with my height until people around me talked about my height lol.. Well , in fact i dont really care cause i have a cute face and this is the most importantpart:P By the way, Those who are short can have a kind of operation and get taller. no i am not joking one of my friend had that operation and he is 10 cm taller now.. He was 1.62 now he is 1.72… But, it is only possible to lenghten the legs.. Thus, after 10 cm body shows really unbalanced… However until 10 cm there is no problem..

  16. Daria Avatar

    Its not cool to be hatin’ on someone because of a physical characteristic that cannot be helped (e.g. height, baldness) but short guys can be self-conscious to the extent that it impacts their ability to be cool in social situations. Its these types of guys who try to compete with taller guys or work out excessively to bulk up though I find that that only magnifies their height situation. There is a guy at my gym whom they call “fire hydrant” and its not a compliment. In any case just be cool with yourself and others will be too – if they aren’t then you don’t want to be hanging around with them anyway. Many major actors are short (Pacino, Hoffman, Cruise, etc) so even the best gigs aren’t out of reach (no pun intended).

  17. vinisky Avatar

    i’m 5’5 and i have a lot of trouble getting chicks, is there any way ican solve this problem? and if there is, how can i seem more attractive to women. i’ll appericate your responses, thanks.

  18. vinisky Avatar

    i have also lost all confidence in myself and i’m dying to overcome this problem. i want to do everything i want to do in life without ever feeling restricted. somebody, pls help me!!!.

  19. Dan Proctor Avatar

    The main thing abut being short over the years is you have to be at least twice as good at everything to get half as far be it job, woem, respect or anything else. You lierally do spend almost all of your time looking up!!! You are a second class citizen without having to do anything to deserve it!!

  20.  Avatar

    don’t kid yourself – every man wants to be tall. This doesn’t mean that , as a short man, you can’t have a happy life since height is by no means THE defining characteristic. But when I read stuff where people say they WANT to be short well thats just delusional. Thats like a woman saying “oh I want small breasts”. Its just something to say.

  21. lewis slater Avatar
    lewis slater

    I have never had a problem with the girls always have and always will be short thats me right.I am 24 yrs old and barely 5’2.okay a really little bit over 5’1.I was just pleased to reach 5’0 so the extra inch no probs.I have had girlfriends big/small.Even though i tend to like the short ones better.The tallest woman was 6’2 the shortest was 4’10.I always was told that never let anything hold me back and that is how i have got on with life.
    I knew i wasnt gonna be a giant has my mum was 5’3 and dad was 5’0.I have an older sister who is abit taller than all of us she is 5’5 dont ask me how comes.I suppose she got all the height gene and left me without lol.

  22. paul evans Avatar
    paul evans

    I see that all us short guys find it hard hitting it off with the girls.It is such a shame has all i am told is that i have such a gsoh and sensitive.obviously that isnt enough for some woman.I remember asking a woman for a dance in a club her answer was that she doesnt dance with short guys.I mentioned that i could dance just has well has the next person.Then she got abit rude saying she doesnt date short guys i pointed out that i wasnt asking for a date and with her attitude a tall guy wouldnt fall at her feet anyway.When she stood up to get a drink i just laughed has she was actually a couple of inches shorter than me anyway.She was about 4’10 if that and i was 5’0.I watched her for the rest of the night and i think someone must have mentioned to people not to tough her has no one asked her to dance.I am now 49 yrs old and married to a wonderful woman who is 5’7 and we have a daughter who is abit on the short side like me so i feel i am in good company she is 22 and 5’1 but obviouslt being a woman she does like her high heels and can be about 3/4 inches taller when we all go out.Our son is 17 and he is 5’10 and he just loves being the tallest out of all of us.he also comes in handy for reaching things especially for me.The best part of being short is that i still look pretty young for my age so it isnt all that bad down here..

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