Shorn Again

It is Monday night and you’re feeling sort of squirrely.

You’ve had a 3-day weekend and finished watching the Miss Universe Pageant with Ron (did you see Miss Venezuela stumble on her Q & A – WOW!). And you’re heading home.

And you start thinking about shaving your head.

Ron says that you shouldn’t because you have a weird shaped head. Yet, he always ogles guys that are head-shaven.

And before you know it you have the clippers in hand and you’re doing the #4. The hair is falling down into the sink and you think maybe this is some kind of ‘summer’s here’ renewal or ‘beginning June’ meme.

#4 goes well so you do #3 and before you know it you’ve got the #1 clippers on the trimmers and suddenly your head feels ten times lighter.

“Like a space monkey.”

Andy, shaved head.

Andy, shaved head.

And you can’t wait to surprise Ron who is gone for three days. Unless he reads this first.

And when you are doing your workout this morning you see a different man in the mirror and that seems to give you a fun sense of displacement.

Sunlight on your scalp feels so strange.






7 responses to “Shorn Again”

  1. redmonkey Avatar

    I like it, space monkey! And your head looks nicely shaped…

  2. moby Avatar

    grrr! looks great!

  3. Sam Avatar

    Hey now, quit trying to steal my mojo… AND my ‘do!

    Kidding. You look totally objectifiable, as usual.

  4. Jef Avatar

    It looks good.

    I’ve started with the #4 and worked my way down, but I didn’t shave my head.

  5. Jake Avatar

    You look hot! Heck you’ll look great regardless if you have hair or not. If Ron doesn’t like it, call me! LOL It wouldn’t happen anyway since I have a feeling that Ron will like it. You are such a teaser! : )

  6. orbicon Avatar

    In support of Ron’s ogling, I make a motion that we all shave our heads.

  7. nigel Avatar

    you look irresistable honey, go and shave it all,
    Mr. Hot, you’re gonna look extremely hot and sexy

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