Shitstain Limbaugh

“One of the standard conservative talking points from Limbaugh I’ve seen bubble up online has been that Obama tried taking too much credit for the strike, as evidenced by his alleged overuse of personal pronouns in the announcement (direct quote: For the record, ladies and gentlemen, in his brief announcement last night President Obama used the word ‘I’ ten times, the word ‘me’ three times, the word ‘mine’ five times, and the word ‘my’ three times.).

“Which sounds nice and damning, if you’re inclined to think the president’s an egomaniac… until you actually do a word count of the transcript:

I – 8 times
me – 2 times
mine – 0 times
my – 3 times

“As opposed to:

our – 47 times
we – 37 times
their – 8 times
us – 7 times
they – 6 times

“Christ, what a disingenuous shitstain.”

Commenter on MetaFilter.






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