Sex in the City

I have to confess. I don’t ‘get’ Sex in the City and I don’t think I ever will. I don’t understand what is so engaging about four girls entertaining themselves with conspicuous shopping, drinking and screwing. I watched a few episodes now that it’s syndicated on cable.

I think part of it is attached to Sarah Jessica Parker. I just don’t like her. Like Karen used to say: Matthew Broderick f*cks that? And the latest Gap commercials really don’t do much more to change my opinion – Lenny Kravitz isn’t doing any favors with that girl-hair.

It’s weird because I love the neurotic selfish characters of Seinfeld. I think part of it is the trend in seeing the Lincoln Park Trixies cultivate their own self-importance using ‘martinis and sluthood’ as a platform. Just like GenXers living the Friends life by moving to NYC.

In other news I love the commercial for Orbitz where the guy is running down a street and a Rockette peeks out to see if he’s gone. He sees her out of the corner of his eye and comes back to look behind the fence to find 3 showgirls hiding. They all laugh. It communicates so much in a matter of 5 seconds. I love that.






6 responses to “Sex in the City”

  1. J Avatar

    Oh my God. I love you.

    (I, too, don’t get SITC, mostly because of that ugly skank.)

  2. sam Avatar

    Ditto dude. I don’t get it. Never watched the show and I’ve described it exactly as you have – that I didn’t ‘get’ it. I do think SJP looks very cute in the new Gap commercial (unlike Lenny), but in real life, a la the Emmy’s, it was very obvious that she looks her age if not much older. Ergo, less “cute”.

  3. Andy Avatar

    You totally nailed it there. It’s the fact that she’s acting all ‘baby doll’. Only thing more creepier than Jon-Benet Ramsey is the inverse.

  4. kc Avatar

    Hey, I liked the show. I know, I know. It’s all you say and more. But I liked the clothes. Is that so wrong? It was fun.

    I’ve heard a few guys say they thought SJ Parker is hot. When you ask them why, they say, “I dunno . . .she’s got a great body.” I didn’t really get it until recently; an old (early ’90’s?) movie of hers, “Miami Rhapsody” was running on HBO. She was really cute in it. She’s gotten kinda gaunt recently.

  5. Daniel Avatar

    See, but I love that show. I SOO get it and I have no idea why…
    But then my friends and I used to be very shallow and drink and shop.

  6. Freddi Avatar

    I don’t think “Sex and the City” works on cable, just because they have to cut out all the things that actually make up the show: the sex, the language, basically all of it. If you ever feel like giving the show another chance, rent the DVDs. I promise it will be a completely different experience and you might even start to get it.

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