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Yes, it is true that as soon as you get off the plane in Seattle airport that they put a mug of coffee in your hand – just like how the Vegas airport’s gate empty out directly into a pool of slot machines. The flight from O’Hare yesterday was a bit delayed yesterday – about an hour and a half. I was bored most of the time since I’d already read and re-read my latest issues of Muscle and Fitness, Fitness RX, New Yorker, Maximum Fitness and Fortune (that about sums up my entire life in a few magazine titles: muscle, money and mental stimulation – oh and don’t forget Martha). I took a shuttle into the city of Seattle, past the small army of shipping container cranes and handlers. I was surprised to interstates elevated on viaducts over the downtown area and a hilly-ness like San Francisco.

I am staying at Hotel Max which was recommended to me by my new co-workers. It is a boutique hotel that had me giggling as I checked in at the front desk – which was covered in red laquer enamel with the staff all dressed in black jackets and skirts. Each floor of the hotel is devoted to one Seattle photographer whose images are enlarged for each door to each room. The room itself is tiny but cozy and includes original art. A caddy of nummy-num goodies sits to my right, tempting me with a bite which is quickly dissolved when I see a Snickers bar would set me back $3.25. The shower is tiled in tiny light blue tiles and the bathroom next to it is a stainless steel sink and toilet. The shower and bathroom are more like little mini-closets. The bed is soft and thick and even includes a pillow menu where you can specify if you want soft, medium, hard pillows or even a neck or body pillow.

I went to the restaurant next door which is an asian-fusion joint called Red Fin. Most of the city was quiet and shut down due to the Labor Day holiday. I had a spicy tuna roll that was very good and then blasphemed that with a nice juicy burger, chased with a vodka tonic. I think that might have been mixing too many continents as I rolled myself up the elevator back to my room to watch a marathon of ‘Damages.’ I still don’t really get what is happening in the series but I really enjoy watching Glenn Close. Also watched an encore of Prison Break’s last season’s two last episodes. I like Patricia Wettig. I think she’d do great on 24. So would Glenn Close.

Do people really laugh at Everybody Loves Raymond? I mean, really laugh = think it is really funny and a prime example of the American sitcom format?

I started my new job today. I am working for one of Inc. magazine’s top 100 privately-owned companies as a project manager. I’ll probably be keeping work and blogging hermetically sealed from eachother but I can say it is a very warm bunch of people and though the company is based here, I’ll be working in Chicago onsite at a client company. It is a big, long, multi-year project and I think it will be a fun challenge. I wasn’t panicky at all today meeting lots and lots of new people but did get claustrophobic when we had an ‘all-hands’ meeting in a stuffy lunchbreak room but maneuvered myself to a window so I got some ‘space’ around me. It will be a big shift to go back to a ‘work-a-day’ job but I’m looking forward to the change of pace, the shift in clientele and a break from the world of small business.






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  1. Brandon Avatar

    Welcome to the Evergreen State.

  2. beastmomma Avatar

    Oh my goodness, I have been out of the blog loop. I cannot believe that you are in Seattle. That is where I am located! If you have room in your schedule, I would love to meet you.

  3. Brechi Avatar

    Everybody Loves Raymond is not funny.

  4. Indiana Dan Avatar
    Indiana Dan

    we are weaving night and day for the up coming festival.Keep your eyes open for and west cast weaving….send your mom an E-mail………..

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