Season Two Twin Peaks on DVD Possibly in 2005

I was surfing online to see what efforts there were to get season two of Twin Peaks on DVD in the U.S.

I had to get the pilot imported from Japan and then got the first season on DVD a short time after.

Dugpa, a David Lynch fansite says that the rights for the show revert back from Artisan to Paramount in 2005 so we should expect a release perhaps after then.

In the meantime I think mom and dad have the old VHS tapes in the basement.

I just popped the pilot in – whoever thought a ceiling fan could be so sinister.






3 responses to “Season Two Twin Peaks on DVD Possibly in 2005”

  1. Jonny Avatar

    God, please let it happen soon!

  2. ken Avatar

    i can’t wait anymore. Please bring the second season on dvd.

  3. Eija Avatar

    I´m waiting too!

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