Scott Peterson Verdict

The talking heads are talking about what an ordeal they’ve had these past 2 years covering the Peterson case. And how hard it’s been on them and their colleagues.

Ordeal? How about going through a murder trial and conviction? Either as the accused or the victim’s family?

I still have clipped out the issue of Brill’s Content (I really liked that magazine) called JonBenet, Inc. about the industry that springs up around sensational murders and the pundits that build their career on the misery of others.






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  1. Penny JRW Avatar

    He will be executed for his lack of morality in the sense that he chose an deviant sexual path.. according to society, he was an adulterer, and though survey-says.. cheating is prevalent world-wide, the fact that his wife happened to go missing during his affair and turn up dead, gives the public reason to condemn him with their hypocritical outrage. Did he do it? Maybe. Maybe isn’t enough. But, he slept with another women. That was. I just spent the better part of my morning lamenting this fact and reading what others had to say and I believe many take this too lightly. You can find my disgust on my website, in today’s entry, if you are so inclined to read about how one man will die by lethal injection because of immoral sex. The Christian God tells us that immorality will lead to death, but I think he meant in the afterlife. He also said ‘thou shalt not kill’ and ‘…lest ye be judged.’ And, this is the Religious Right Nation making these poorly informed decisions and going home to their mistresses? uh.. I mean, wives?

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