Score One for the Humans

Following Stevie’s advice, I got out early this morning and got some canned cat food. I put the antibiotics in it and voila! Kitty is eating his meds without tearing off my eyelids.

But do I win this round? After all, he got the gourmet food!

I think it’s a win-win.






4 responses to “Score One for the Humans”

  1. palochi Avatar

    He got the gourmet food, you retained use of your eyelids.

    I think it was a fair trade-off.

  2. Dano Avatar

    when you chose to have another being in your life you never win .It’s hope that you stay even.Animals are said to take the habits and trates of their owners. The government has a new program to use cats for sniffing out drugss they can find them fast they just don,t chose to let any one know……………………good luck…….!!

  3. sis Avatar

    just make sure you don’t start giving him wet food all the time. It’s expensive, and they get so picky they won’t eat normal food. Plus it STINKS. Although in our case, it would have made pilling the cat much easier if shehad a food treat we could hide it in. . .

  4. Jef Avatar

    My partner and I have a three-legged cat and we have found it best to set her on top of the washing machine, don winter parkas and heavy gloves, and then one opens her mouth while the other one pops the pill in. It sounds funny that it takes two grown men to give a little three-legged cat a pill, but she’s fierce! The cat food trick would not work with our cat. She’s too obstinate.

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