Scapegoating Black Men for HIV

Keith Boykin writes on the revenge of the ‘down low’. Gay/bi black men that retain a straight life and put their straight girlfriends/wives at risk for AIDS. Spurred by an Oprah show on the topic as well as an upcoming book from Doubleday

While the rest of America is debating whether gays and lesbians should have the freedom to marry, black gay and bisexual men, thanks to the down low, are reduced to pathologies and predators. No one writes about our relationships, our heartbreaks, our love.

Keith drags the topic out of the black closet and reminds us that indeed the ‘down low’ applies to men of all races and that there is a huge issue of personal responsibility on the part of straight women that is not being discussed.

The demonization continues – it just gets more specific from time to time.






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  1. JC Avatar

    It is also evidence that people affected by labeling and legislation are not limited to what is portrayed on the media.

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