2 men chained to the floor with a dead body.

I remember seeing the preview for Saw and totally loving the concept behind it: two men chained to floor of a room with a dead body and no idea how they got there or how to get out. It has the claustrophobia that fuels most of Cube. The kind of ‘two guys in a shithole’ that makes a great play.

The story opens up beyond the room but stays pretty engaging, veering off into sadistic territory that made Se7en such a great morality play.

Eventually the story gets a little too lose and is less taut which was a shame because it maintains a manic sensibility out of the gate. Great surprises all around, though.

Note to sister: rent this and The Grudge.

Update: Ebert’s review sums up the film’s weaknesses nicely:

A movie that conceals the identity of a killer is of a lower order, in general, than one that actually deals with him as a character. To get to know someone is infinitely more pleasing than to meet some guy behind a hockey mask, or in a puppet suit, or whatever.






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  1. sam Avatar

    I watched The Grudge last nite. Thought it was lame. But I’m a horror film junkie so my opinion is obviously rather biased.

  2. pero Avatar

    When Saw was released in theaters, I wanted to go see it, but I didn’t get any time to go to the movies.

    (A friend of mine sent an IM that stated “I want to go see saw”. — and when he sent it, I didn’t think of the movie but thought maybe he was having a very early mid-life crisis.) 🙂

    There is a Japanese Horror movie coming on tonight called THE EYE.

    I caught about ten minutes of it last weekend, but it was two or three in the morning and I had missed the first half hour or so. What I saw had respectable creepiness; which is not usually something I find since I am not easily frightened (at least not by movies) and it is very difficult to affect me with gore and blood.

    It’s a subtitled movie, so it will require my full attention since I can’t run to the kitchen and ‘listen’ to any dialogue during any seemingly slow parts.

    I am TiVo-ing it so I can re-watch it more closely for visual elements once I have ‘read’ the dialogue (to look for any often missed visuals).

  3. Andy Avatar

    The Eye is the one with the blind girl that see weird things right? I saw it in the theatres and it gave me the heebie-jeebies big time.

  4. Jeff Avatar

    Just my two cents: We are currently just getting a taste of the Japanese-style horror genre. From what I’ve seen, they push the envelope a little more than what we’re used to. I recommend, “The Audition” as a good example.

  5. Kristy Avatar

    I LOVED Saw, I’m a sucker for the serial killers. Call me an old fashioned girl. The concept of helplessness makes the movie more intense I think, and the fact that we KNOW from the beginning that Adam has ruined his own chances. Watching that key slide down the drain is watching our own control and prior predictions of the movie leave us. Don’t think I’m crazy, just artistic. Adam and Lawrence are probably two of the most fantastic characters in a horror movie as far as building a bond goes. While Lawrence is calm at first, he gives in to panic in the end and Adam’s desperate begging for him to be the strong one again tug at one’s heart, if you’re into that ‘human condition’ stuff. Anyhow this comment got long fast, I guess Saw just gives me something to say!

  6. Malika Singleton Avatar

    I thought Saw was really good. Did you catch that? “Was is saw” backwards. Lol anyway it waw really goog. I thought the suspense was all that and then some. Adam really touches my heart towards the end becasue we all know that he stays in the bathroom forever to rot. This is very upsetting. Lawrence just goes crazy and looses his mind and saws through his leg to escape his torture. I saw Saw 2 and it was also good. It’s very mind blowing. I urge you to see it. It gave me nightmares when I got home but it was an exellent hit to me. This producer knows his stuff as far as suspense and horrow.

  7. Moniek H. Avatar
    Moniek H.

    Hell0 .. I haven’t seen Saw yet.. But I would l0ve to see the movie though..
    Is the movie maybe on a site … to see the movie online ?

    Please Responde

  8. Kymer frum Holland Avatar
    Kymer frum Holland

    wow shit, this was one of the BEST “not-very-scary”-horrors I’ve EVER seen.. I’m serious.. concept was amazing.. these sick thoughts behind the script rules



  9. Jayne -from iowa- Avatar
    Jayne -from iowa-

    WOW!-thats the only thing i can think to say. SAW is hands down the best movie i have EVER seen even with the horrible acting-dont get me wrong i love leigh and adore cary but the acting was awful and funny at times- the movie was beyond mind fucking in terms of surprises and the situations jigsaw puts them through, and the end will make you shit blood. i wish i could erase my memory just so i could watch SAW and SAW 2 again and get the same shock. I LOVE IT!!!!

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