saturday, september 22

Had a great night last night. Ron and I went to see With or Without Wings. I hadn’t seen it since they revived it and, as usual, Mierka was wonderful. I hope I’m that cool when I’m 33. We’d had dinner at Angelina’s – I as usual had the cruelty platter (veal parmigiana) and salad. I on my second chug of a vodka tonic when I realized I probably should not be drinking alcohol since I was hooched up on liquid tylenol, codeine, antihistamines, decongestants and antibiotics. I’m a walking chemical pool. Went to Roscoe’s to dance after the show. I like being seen with Ron. Everyone remarks we make a cute couple and I very much agree. Awkward moment as we walked to the bar and passed the Caribou where five young asian girls were at a front table. They totally stared at us as we walked past as if to say where’d you get that white boy and does he have any friends? We’re going to Olivia’s dance concert with Karen tonight.






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