saturday, november 10

I fuckin’ knew it: FBI: Anthrax likely mailed by American

Saw Margaret Cho last night at the Chicago Theatre. She totally fucking rocked the place. An audience covering the spectra of sexuality and ethnicity. A lesbian white-asian couple sat behind us – I turned to Ron and said: ‘So would she be a riceking?’ He said, ‘I’ll ask her.’ I stopped him. Cho came out and talked about the September 11th events and her efforts in the rescue effort and how she was down there giving blowjobs to all the rescue workers. Margaret covered the gamut from fisting to fetishes to colonics to menstruation. I’ve never laughed so hard at someone I didn’t know. There were times where the air left my body and I couldn’t breathe. Hysterical. I hope they are filming this one too. I you haven’t seen I’m The One That I Want, you must – it is fucking hilarious. Her platform is such an amazing blend of minority pride – gay, lesbian, feminist, fetishist, ethnic and ‘big girls’. Highlights included a what-if straight men had periods… and how they’d be all butch about their flow… ‘And if gay men had periods? Whaddya mean if?’ The place went crazy. So very very enjoyable. Ron and I held on to eachother quaking with laughter – I was sweating bullets I was laughing so hard. I think the most admirable thing about her is that at the end of all the raunchiness and craziness she urges people to live ferociously and unabashedly. That when the world could end at any minute you must live truthfully and fully and stop giving a fuck what other people think.






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