saturday, june 23

Heather and Brooks called to say that Tomb Raider is a shit-hole of a movie.

The new Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial really got me. It’s the one with two couples and a group of three women in their cars bouncing to music. I think the simplicity is what gets me. That and we all know the excitement of being in the car with music turned up loud and your buddy is paying for the gas or somebody’s getting a Chug and you sit in the car and just enjoy the booming bass surrounding you and you know the night is going to be fun. I like the three black chicks in the car – they’re just sitting in a gas station jamming. It’s elegant and a little glam without being ‘too perfect.’ And the song rocks. It oozes cool.

Then there’s the new Levi’s super-low on the hips jeans commercial which has animated navels singing ‘I’m coming out.’ Does anyone else find the obvious vaginal metaphors here totally repellent? I remember reading about a porno called Chatterbox – the inverse of Deep Throat where instead of a woman having a clitoris in her vocal tract she has a voice box in her snatch.






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