saturday, february 24

Nick is catsitting for the next few months a tomcat named Mr. Peepers

me: You better add that net watch
me: to your machine
me: in case Mr. Peepers is cruising while you’re away. Mr. Peepers is a gay homosexual.
me: ‘hairy boikitty seeking hot ramrod. claws okay.
me: ;
me: ‘
n: omg
me: ‘likes to bite. animal passion.’
n: hehehehe
me: fUrRyBoYkAt
n: heheheh
n: KatPussi4U
me: UseMyClaws
n: OMG
n: LickMyWhiskers
me: YES
n: LickALLmYwHickers
me: RoughTongueSuxU
n: SandPaperTong4U
me: yes
n: NaperKitty4U
me: KittyBoyLkvw
me: 773RuffTung
me: ‘sleeps 18 hrs/day, works out 0x/wk, not into the scene. NO DRAMA’
me: ‘eyes glow in dark’
me: prvt ok. no cyber – realtime
n: phone ok..if its off the hook
n: ..into…licking, pawing, clawing, loves milk baths
me: YES

Had massage #8 today. More work on the legs as well as the core. At one point Patrick had my psoas muscles in his hands and had actually been able to push under them. Holy Christ. I fell asleep during the leg work – he was all up in the abductors and said he was excited they were releasing but thought he’d wait till I woke up. Lots of work on the glutes as well. Looking at the pictures from my first session and now it is an amazing difference. Can’t wait to upload the pics. My right side isn’t pinched in. My back is flattening out. I hope to gain some height too from this whole process – we’ll see – God if I could clear 5’9″ that would ROCK! Patrick said he’s gonna miss having me as a client because I’m so hyperaware and easy to work with. I think he just misses handling my hot body. Right. He’s straighter than a monster-truck rally.






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