saturday, february 10

It is 10:32. I’m awake. Gotta leave to go get on the Metra rail to go to Des Plaines to talk with a web design client. Still find myself over-analyzing Richard. Some people in life seem to always make it a point that they’re having so much more fun than you could ever hope to have. I look at the way he and I interact and it doesn’t seem to be really feeding or adding to either of our lives. It’s like having fun to spite you. I know, I know… this is all in how I’m perceiving things, right? Even in high school I had a really close friend that I had to end up cutting out of my life because she was always doing one-upmanship with me. I just feel very out of sorts and discombobulated right now. It’s like when you are trying to decide how you feel about something but there are so many facets that one perspective or concept can’t encompass the whole thing. Maybe I’m being to left-brained about all this. Too analytical – trying to decide – ‘Okay – I’m feeling ______’ instead of moving through the tide. I’m nuts. Time to find something to eat.






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