saturday, august 11

Last night went surprising well. I sat in the back row and did my usual writhing and sweating but the audience seemed to really enjoy the premiere of episode one of Sinister. We had a packed house and lots of people said they were coming back for part two. It is constantly fascinating to me to see how different actors can be in performance versus rehearsal. One suddenly had energy and force behind their character, another seemed lobotomized. I thought we did better than average – which is what the serial is all about – throwing together a quick play with new people and just going out there and doing it – and they seemed eager to know what happens next. The best comment I got from a trusted confidant was ‘good writing.’ That even if the execution of the play had it’s hiccups it still was obvious that I was on my craft. Went out with Karen today. We noted that again we’ve brought two more plays to Chicago. Pretty amazing when you stop and think about it. Of course I’m on the next step by now – plotting more artistic conquests…






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