San Francisco Fleet Week

I don’t know if it makes me a communist but I really think air/water shows are pointless. In a time of economic upheaval and imperial over-reach, to send our finest pilots out to be dancing monkeys in the sky seems gratuitious.

This week is Fleet Week in San Francisco which means all the sailors are roving the town like an On the Town re-enactment committee gone wild. With petroleum prices as they are, I think it is gross to fly military hardware aroud for the edification of the citizenry. As my mom would say, ‘Well that’s just gross.’

A similar fest would come to the Chicago skyline once a year where the Blue Angels and other screaming aircraft would streak across the sky causing adrenal glands everywhere to evacuate. I know it makes me unpatriotic to not be in love with it. When I hear the wailing of the jet engines continuously like that I think, ‘This must be how the Iraqis feel. Hotdog Americans showing off prowess over the populace.’ It goes into the same bucket as groups chanting ‘U! S! A! U! S! A!’ and other displays of militarist glee.






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