Salon on Ex-Gay Therapy

A straight journalist goes undercover and participates in a session of reparative therapy: (because obviously they couldn’t find any gay or lesbian journalists….?)

His counselor says:

"Take the young boy who is more sensitive, more delicate, who doesn’t like rough-and-tumble, who is artistic," he says. "He can’t hit the ball, fire the gun or shoot an arrow. There is a high correlation between poor eye-hand coordination and same-sex attraction."

You mean like painting, playing piano or dancing? What a dipshit.






2 responses to “Salon on Ex-Gay Therapy”

  1. David Avatar

    Wow, maybe that means since I know how to shoot a gun, and received a marksman ribbon while in Navy bootcamp, that means I’m really straight. Never mind the fact that I used to enjoy going to the archery range…

    Sounds like fundamentalists will grasp at any straw they can to explain what they don’t want to try and understand.

    On the flip side I was in band in school and drama, and was a theater major in college… I’m sooo confused….. LOL

  2. Pfalz prophet Avatar
    Pfalz prophet

    I think fundies feel really inadequate–they can’t dive like Greg Louganis, compose like Aaron Copeland, play like Lennie or paint like Michelangelo, and God is really pissed at them for being so incompetent and stupid. So, they grasp at self-esteem by disparaging others who are different, aka competent and intelligent. Well, that’s part of it, anyway. The other part is they’ve been so pathologically misled by their parents and pastors that their viewpoint is morally superior to everybody elses…

    Bad start for a Monday, I’ll get cheerier later…

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