S. W. A. T.

llcoolj.gifmichellerodrigquez.gifYes, S. W. A. T. is as stupid as it looks and after seeing it you will find yourself shaving in the mirror and screaming maniacally in an evil-Euro accent: ‘wun meeel-yun doll-erz!!’ With such great subject matter as the specially trained men and women that are called in when all else fails the content is so pedestrian. With such great stars you’d think there’d be some Top Gun-style beefcake and cheesecake. But no – given the super-hot bods of L. L. Cool J and Michelle Rodriguez and of course Mr. Farrel – there’s not a concerted effort to show off the physiques of the stars – though I found this shot of L. L. and I’m not sure when it happened in the movie – maybe it’s just a promotional still. Missable.






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