Ron and I watched Dawn of the Dead on DVD tonight. It was alright – I had seen it in the theatres. I still think the pregnant woman chained to a bed as she delivers sequence is a pretty traumatic scene.

Still pretty messy sick-wise. I don’t want to take any decongestants before I go to bed since I want to able to sleep. I am brewing Rooibus Royale tea to drink before beddy-bye. Packed with anti-oxidants, Rooibus Royale really satisfies.

I feel like I’m in that half-well/half-sick haze. Not as bad as the flu perhaps but still a little like a timewarp. I was hoping to be peppy and alert for no political blogging week (don’t worry I’m just posting one big-ass list on Sunday morning).

Kitty is surprising quiet as the evening carries on – must be recharging for a 2:30 am ambush.






6 responses to “Rooibus”

  1. RcktMan Avatar

    Yeah kitties love those early morning ambushes. When Pippin was an only child (and a kitten) he would wake me up NUMEROUS times during the night. Now that he has a brother, they just tackle each other whenever necessary. Might want to consider a playmate for the little Astro.

    Oh… I just looked in your archives and saw that your sister had said the same thing. Great minds think alike 🙂

  2. Crahmda Avatar

    Does anyone know how to get an email to Andy himself???
    Let me know…

  3. Andy Avatar

    Sent you an email Crahmda.

  4. palochi Avatar

    A little sister for Astro named Uran, perhaps? 🙂

    In case you’ve never seen this:

  5. JC Avatar

    Try having some garlic tablets. It might boost your immune system.

  6. oegelsby Avatar

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