Rob Marciano, CNN meterologist (C) CNN

This entry on my blog is getting a ton of hits where I ogle CNN weather anchor Rob Marciano and wonder if there’s any Anderson Cooper/Jon King or Bill Hemmer slash fiction. I have absolutely no evidence that he is anything but happily married to a woman. I just think he’s handsome. I would love to see him and Fox Chicago Weather Hussy Michelle Leigh hook up. She’s so dreamy.


Update: I spoke too soon – there is Anderson Cooper/Jon King slash fiction.

Update 2: Scratch that. It is Jon Stewart.

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  1. Rob Marciano is my favorite thing about all this hurricane coverage. Man, he is sooo cute. I feel a warm front rolling in whenever I see him on CNN. Too bad he is based in Atlanta and not CNN New York. I bet he has quite a doppler effect.

  2. I think that Rob Marciano is hot, but Anderson is the HOTTEST! But know one ever gives Mr. Wolf Blitzer any hottie credit. Why is that, HUH? Am I the only one that thinks that Wolfie is hot? Oh, probably. Maybe I just have a CNN-gray-haired-older-man-fetish? And no, it is not a daddy complex. Nor is it a grandpa complex. But you should really give Wolfie some thought. And that is all I have to say about that. Thank you. 🙂

  3. Okay. So, I am officialy going to vomit violently. And surprisingly it has nothing to do with Dubya! No offence, but I just went to that link above of Anderson/Jon. It is not so much that the guy I have been in love with for years is kissing and becoming “entangled” with a man. It is the fact that it is Jon Stewart!!! WHY,WHY,WHY!!! Could he not have picked someone better to become “entangled” with?!(well yes. Me.But I digress) Oh God! Would you just read me? I am talking about a fictional(hopefully) story. Okay. Could the WRITER have not picked someone better for Andy to become entangled with?(Yes, you guessed it, me. But again, I digress.) I’m depressed. I’m going to pick a video from my “Anderson Cooper 360 video collection” to watch. Goodbye! 🙁 🙁

  4. When the Flood Stud first started doing the weather on CNN, he was wearing a wedding band. He hasn’t worn that for months and months. (I know. I check every day.)

    And who thinks he has a gay producer? Did you see the way they dressed him up — or down — while he was on the Gulf Coast covering Katrina? One day he had on a khaki work shirt unbuttoned down past his substantial pecs. Woof. Before that, they stripped him down to his t-shirt/undershirt. Double woof.

  5. Rob is up doing Ophelia and looking better than ever! I was a little worried when he disappeared (seemed to) after the week or so in Biloxi – I didn’t want him to be so traumatized I wouldn’t have the chance to continue to ogle him so it’s great to see another hurricane. Oh, I mean … oh shit … anyway, who’s the nutjob who doesn’t think Jon Stewart is smokin’ hot? Are you crazy? What’s wrong, are you Republican or something? By the way, Anderson Cooper, the second hottest guy on CNN, is gay as the wind, not a doubt in the world, my friend saw him out on a date with a superhot boy in NY.

  6. Rob used to be a local weather guy here in Portland and I was sooooo sad when he left. I know people in the TV news business here and I’m pretty sure he really is str8… *sigh*

  7. So Rob is in Key West for Rita… I would love to see the commotion he is starting and I know I would not evacuate if he was in my town!

  8. Never give up, boys! How many of us have tried to still date women or act straight before, and sometimes even during, the “coming out” process!?!? Give Rob his space and some time… he’ll see the light!

    I too have noticed the absence of the wedding ring. The link below shows him a few years ago at a school… some cute facial expressions by the way!

    Anyway, the ring is definitely not there as of late. Like I said, there’s always hope. So many “straights” are just a step away from being honest with themselves.

    Regardless, love seeing his pearly whites lend a little light in such dark times for our friends in the South. Best wishes to them all!

  9. does anyone know any info about rob? i think he is very pretty. i get all hot when i see him all wet on my tv. makes the weather so much more interesting. i want to see him up close.

  10. Rob is beautiful, no doubt.

    I find myself looking for him everytime I have CNN on. Just can’t get enough of Rob..

  11. Whatever, with all of the adoration, all I want is to fuck rob Marciano while Anderson Cooper and John King watch. If they are good boys, I may invite them to join in. No doubt, King is packing..just look at his lips. Anderson’s cock is real skinny, but Rob’s…WOW..what a piece of Italian sweet sausage.

  12. Hey Digger – maybe a little more than we needed to know!
    Rob did do a great job keeping it together last nite when he was
    reporting on his hometown in LA. Gotta respect the guy. On another topic, is Jason Carroll looking better and better each day?

  13. I agree with Jason Carroll getting better and better. I have seen him “out” and hear he is wild.

  14. Sorry, male hopefuls, I plan to snag Rob if he does not marry his current girlfriend (hah!). He creates moisture outside of my storm damaged apartment.

  15. This weather stud -Rob Marciano is uber sexy and pants down one of the best looking men on television. If they can elevate the likes of Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio to super stardom imagine what they could do with the likes of Rob!!!!!

  16. he looks so pretty and clean cut he would prob fold your underwear up after he had sex with you…or would he be wild and mind blowing?

  17. Rob Marciano is very hot. I am watching CNN right now and he is doing a story and I keep pausing the tivo to see him for a long period of time! And I just noticed he is no longer wearing a wedding ring. Plus his fingers are really long… know what that means!! Damn I wish he was gay!

  18. I loved watching Rob at KATU in Portland. I had all of the women in my office watching too. He was married when he was here so unless he got a divorce recently he most likely doesn’t have a girlfriend. Glad for you all to be able to watch him so much!!! Wish I saw him nightly as I use to!!

  19. Whoever just watches CNN for Anderson Cooper and/or Rob Marciano is not alone. They are total cuties. Smart too. Good looking and brains -wonderful!

  20. Seldom I watch CNN until I saw Rob reporting the weather. Man…..He is not only hot, he my ideal man but anyway , he is the best.
    Now I got my new favourite reality show on CNN.

  21. It’s amazing, it’s April 2006 and this thread is still going (since Monday, August 29th, 2005 at 9:43am) …and going.
    If that’s not testament of Rob’s unequaled charms then I don’t know what is.
    Thanks for the thread, Andymatic.

  22. I appreciate too!!!

    I find this thread fascinating… I have been watching Rob Marciano on CNN since earlier on in 2005 with the hurricanes in Florida, that we pretty much all forgot about since Katrina, (bless their souls in the south), and I too think Rob is a total Hottie. I only just discovered this thread tho. He can write his ticket career wize I would say!


  23. Hello, fans of the Flood Stud! I’m sorry to burst your weather balloons, but Rob’s activity lies on only one side of the front – straight. He was married, but is now divorced. Is there still hope then? Well, mother nature is always unpredictable!

  24. Hey guys, The real panel discussion about” Who’s What and When, I believe the guys best are Anderson, a real nice guy, Ron the Weather vain and my all time favorite, Ron Corning of ABC World News This Morning, That trio are the hottest adn most attractive of all, and fine good people above all (See May Vanity Fair !)

  25. Rob is totally hot, but I still think Chris Pixley is hotter. Chris Pixley is oh soooooo FINE!! He is a lawyer that sometimes is on Larry King Live and Nancy Grace.

  26. I had the pleasure of corresponding with Rob when he was just a student of meteorology working as a tour bus guide on Martha’s Vinyard in the late 80’s. I knew he was something special then and I was right!

  27. Rob is back on frequently and is getting finer each time I see him. Anyone got any new news about the FOX of CNN?

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