The saddest part now is that in a week, not one of these pro-life extremists will be there to comfort the parents in their time of grief – a grief delayed for over a decade. They will have moved on to the next opportunistic circus and the (hardly) Christian Coalition will be foaming at the mouth of somebody else – probably gays and Mexicans.

Also: Has anyone seen Jesse Jackson commenting on Johnnie Cochran? I was hoping for a (Michael) Jackson-Schiavo-Cochran trifecta.


Does anyone think that the entrance of disabilities advocates into this argument incredibly ridiculous? She wasn’t disabled. She was braindead. I have seen folks on gurneys with respirators getting Master’s Degrees.






3 responses to “RIP”

  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    Indeed. In another month, her name will disappear from the newscasts. The whole situation just got ugly and underscored the importance of having living wills.

  2. Brad Avatar

    Jesse was probably on his way to Cochran’s funeral til the news broke that the pope was circling the drain… much more exposure there, I’m sure he’s on the way.

  3. Terrance Heath Avatar

    That puzzled me too. Disabled is one thing. Braindead is entirely another. Like I’ve said before, she wasn’t in there anymore. If she’d been conscious, then perhaps there might be a case, but then she would also have been able to state her wishes herself, and perhaps this whole mess wouldn’t have happened.

    Bottom line, if you don’t have a living will, advance directive, or medical power of attorney, get them. Now.

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