Right-To-Die and Pro-Life

Metafilter dicussion regarding the right-to-die case in Florida: “The Florida legislature just decided that the governor has the right to not only override the court, but in a way that authorizes him to decide on his own whim who lives and who dies.”

The thread also includes news about the ban on partial-birth abortions that if you listen to the pro-choice side: There is no such thing as partial-birth abortion – it’s not a medical term but a inflammatory word to activate conservatives.

Excerpt from pro-life side:

‘But why kill the infant?’ You?ve said it! Obviously the mother wants to get unpregnant. Even if this is accepted, we must still ask, why kill? Most of these babies are viable. They are only 3 or 4 inches (10 cm) from delivery. One gentle pull and the head will come out. Then the cord could be cut, and the infant given to the nurse to take to the intensive care nursery. There is absolutely no medical reason to kill the baby except that the mother wants him dead.

Or the mother doesn’t want to risk the massive health problems that can happen during delivery. No one takes the procedure lightly. No one considers it a form of contraception. No woman wants to have this done to her body.

I’ve always been so torn about abortion – ever since Jaime in high school wore her Right-To-Life T-shirts on jeans day and her matching bumper stickers on the station wagon. Yes, abortion stops a beating heart. But so does war. Yes, it is ending a life. But no, no way in hell, no way on this earth ever, you can’t pay me enough to agree that 100 (mostly white, mostly male) people in a marble building in D. C. have the right to decide what goes on in a uterus.






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  1. Danny O'Bryan Avatar
    Danny O’Bryan

    The idea that a woman has to chose between life of a child and her pesonnal freedom goes back the male issue of the Female as a sexual being.Female should not be sexual..this their punishment of getting laid.The Catholic Church wants a woman to remain a virgin until marriage then produce as many child in a lust frenzy.A person can not imagime the feelings as a Dr. turns on a machine to tear the baby from your womb.The sound as the machine suck the tissue clean and you walk from the clinic changed for ever.Free from a child but back to the sexual would that will punish if you becoming a sexual being…….danny

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