Reverend Patrick Mahoney and the Christian Defense Coalition

Reverend Patrick Mahoney.You see that slobbering, screaming maniac on the telly? I thought he looked familiar:

This is the same Patrick Mahoney that asked the IRS if church praying for Bush’s re-election was legal.

The same guy whose organization said that the Secret Service banning crosses at the Inauguration was censorship.

He’s at the forefront of that 10 Commandments case in Alabama.

The same guy barred from praying within 20 feet of an abortion clinic.

So basically he inserts himself into any controversy he can find.

What a supreme asshole.






4 responses to “Reverend Patrick Mahoney and the Christian Defense Coalition”

  1. myke Avatar

    who is worse, he or fred phelps? they’re both evil.

  2. Apartment 604 Avatar

    I’m just amazed that Terri Schiavo’s parents would ask Randall Terry, of “Operation Rescue” fame, to be their official spokesman. Boy, what a way to win over the public . . .

    Personally I don’t think Fred Phelps is so bad – he actually does gays more good than harm, because everyone knows what an idiot he is – and most people just laugh at him. Mahoney and Terry, on the other hand, get taken a lot more seriously . . .

  3. palochi Avatar

    I disagree, 604. I think only some gay people (and a relatively small group of non-gays) know what Phelps is all about. The rest who don’t could be influenced by his tactics just as much as a Randall Terry can stir up the crap. The difference here is Terry diversifies his mania to maximize the return on his spewing investment, if you will. Phelps is usually solely obsessed with one issue (homosexuality) and only gets the spotlight when a Matthew Shepard tragedy occurs. Phelps is a small-time con who gets a imagebite at a pride parade or a funeral. Terry is the devil you see on FOX News all the time.

  4. Barbara Avatar

    Thanks for the great laugh. You obviously don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about. You may want to have your facts straight before you publicly spout. There is nothing even remotely similiar between Phelps and Mahoney. Bravo to Mahoney for standing up for what is right and noble. We have enough liberalism, ignorance, and apathy in our society already. Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the definition of “devil” and “evil” – you seem to need a vocab review. I know you have it wrong in associating those words with Mahoney. It’s judgemental, uniformed comments such as I saw here that should be of concern to you.

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