Raise Your Own Chickens

I love this. K5 has a tutorial on raising your own chickens for eggs and meat.

Chickens are a very enjoyable animal to have around. The gentle clucking is very comforting to listen to and their antics are enjoyable to watch.






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  1. Jef Avatar

    That’s fascinating and so Atkins friendly too. I know I could probably butcher a chicken if I have to, but I don’t. I think I’ll pass on this venture, intriguing as it is.

    Some uears ago I had a student in my class who’s father raised fighting roosters.He was a twin who saw his mother die in a fire in his trailor.Darren ,communciation was limited to clucks and chuckles and an occasinal cock-a-doodle -do.The student who had been with him for 6 years were able to help me interpert his chatter.He was a very good kickball player but had problems on dark and cloudy days-He and his brother always a wanted to roost…..He last a few days in Jr high(age 14)he kept trying to “mount the hens”……

  2. mark Avatar

    I remember a few apartments back, I heard a bunch of noise one afternoon. While taking out the garbage, I notice someone had two chickens and two ducks in their patio. The next day, I leave to have drinks with a friend and I smell something wonderful, no sounds, but plenty of feathers flying around the courtyard. I felt sad.

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