sweeneytodd.gifSweeney Todd returns upstairs and begins writing a letter to luree the lecherous
Judge Turpin to his murderous barber shop. Four singers come forward and sing
his missive:

Most Honorable Judge Turpin, (Honorable!)
I venture thus to write you this
Urgent note to warn you that
The hot blooded
Has abducted your ward, Johanna (Johanna!).
From the institution where you
So wisely
Confined her.
But, hoping to earn your favor I have persuaded the boy to lodge her here
tonight in my tonsorial parlor.
In Fleet Street.
If you want her again in your arms, hurry after the nights out.
She will be waiting. (Waiting!)
Your obedient humble servant,
Sweeney Todd.

Yes, my friends. This is from memory. That’s how much I love Sondheim and this
show and I’ve been singing it all morning – just this quartet… Thursday morning dorkiness!






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