Principal Cracks Down of ‘Freak Dancing'

Dirty Dancing redux:

Principal Jim Bennett of Lemoore Union High School said he warned students at a winter formal dance last month to either quit dirty dancing or face the possibility of not dancing at all. But he said the students continued “freak dancing,” a form of sexually suggestive dancing that involves grinding the hips and pelvic area.

Nobody puts Principal Bennett in a corner.






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  1. chelsea Avatar

    I have no problem with “freak dancing” or “dirty dancing”. Unless it is a young, 10-year old girl doing it for a talent show. But if it’s a teenager, it sure shouldn’t be a problem at partys or dances. They shouldn’t do it at school, though. School is a place for learning, not freak dancing. This kind of dancing is disruptive for many other students. I agree with freak dancing and dirty dancing, i diasgree with underaged freak dancing and freak dancing in schools.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Previous Comment:
    “They shouldn’t do it at school, though. School is a place for learning, not freak dancing. This kind of dancing is disruptive for many other students. ”

    Since, you know…those kids are consistently freak dancing during school days and in the classroom.

  3. Kelly Avatar

    Freak dancing is kinda dirrty but it is really fun. As long as your not grabbing someone in thw rong places i think it it perfectly fine. What other way is ther to dance? The Hokey Pokey? Hodowns? I think not..

  4. alex Avatar

    Freak dancing is not as big a deal as everybody says. It’s a way to express ourselves, its not sex on the dance floor. Adults compare us with criminals. like when they compare dancing with drug dealing and drinking, but they need to realize that its dancing, and they need to just leave us alone.

  5. Cyrej Avatar

    One cannot deny the popularity of freak dancing and I feel this issue cannot be ignored into today’s pop culture. Pop culture makes many of us blind to reality, and makes us rationalize the actions we take as acceptable, after all everyone else is doing it. But this illogic can only go so far: try and explain the white majority in the 60’s or the nazi germans in world war II. The majority like it or not (especially at a high school level) can be wrong. So this comes down to a normative degree: is the mass media correct that freak dancing is acceptable by a moral standpoint or is it inmoral? Well to say it is moral would claim that conducting sexual activities at a high school level is acceptable. I suppose many teenagers feel that they are not recieving enough freedom and that they can make rational dicissions on their own. After all its their body right? I believe all of us would say their should be limits. After all one cannot expect a teenager to take care of a baby. So where should the limits begin and where should they end? To answer this question one must look at the rather large correlation/causation that puberty is reached at a younger age as more sexual images are allowed in the mass media, including freak dancing. These images have biologically increased puberty driving horomone levels higher which translates to an increased drive for sex at young ages. Another statistical figure shows that full development (biologically) of a human being doesn’t occur until late college or early on in the job career. This means that it takes longer for people to fully develop yet we have increased sex rates with those who closly follow the mass media. I suppose one would say “I dont follow the mass media, I do what I want” but by conducting in activites as freak dancing and short skirt/thong wearing only disproves what you say. So by conducting in this freak dancing only makes teens more prone to sexual behavior and with an earlier biological fuse could result in a bomb ready to explode if nothing is done or restricted on first freak dancing and slowly up to the mass media itself.

  6. Karl Avatar

    All of this conversation of morality and “today’s pop culture” is quite ironic. I am a Stanford-trained physician who works as a Medical Director as a Biotech company; yet when I was an undergraduate chemistry major at Harvard 25 years ago we did The Freak, but I seemed to have turned out fine nonetheless.

    The Freak was exactly the same dance, the main difference being that in the 80’s college parties (and nightclubs) were primarily segregated along racial/ethnic lines, so the mainstream Anglo-Caucasian world didn’t know anything about The Freak. And you know, the dance was not even new then, as my father recognized it from Blues dancing and Lindy Hopping from the 30’s and 40’s.

    I personally found those parties in undergrad doing The Freak to be the most fun I’ve had partying in my life, and surely the most sincere interaction between the genders, free of all of the pseudo-puritanical facades imposed upon social behavior (especially upon women). I call it sincere, because there is an honesty in that form of expression–yes, men and women are sexual beings, we are all here because of the sexual act, and there is a certain freedom and pleasure in celebrating sexuality, rather than repressing it.

    Call it a mating ritual if you like, but my observation was that it led to much healthier and well-adjusted sexual attitudes and interactions between women and men on campus. Unfortunately, none of the principals at these kids’ schools were at our parties in undergrad…or perhaps they just are not willing to admit it….

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