Prince Harry the Nazi

What a frigging dumb-ass. The only time a Nazi costume is ever appropriate is if you’re 1) in Cabaret, 2) in The Producers, 3) in Goodbye Jews!: A Schindler’s List Musical, or 4) You’re Alan at a H’ween party when we were in college and he did it as a protest to this one girl converting to Judaism to play Anne in The Diary of Anne Frank.

The guy they have on CNN is a total British screaming asshole. The American anchor is asking Why is this such a big deal to the Brits? Um, it’s a big deal to anyone because he’s emulating the apparel of genocide.

He was at a private party, the second Brit expert countered. He’s a public figure. He’s (powerless, pointless, supporting tourism industry) royalty. You can’t just have a guard rip his armband off – you can’t just consort like that with an heir to the throne. Hello, Divine Right is dead. He’s a bit of a card, like Mel Brooks. When Harry directs some funny movies, give me a call. Hell, when Mel Brooks directs a funny film again, give me a call.

Update: Keep in mind that the creators of both The Producers movie and musical adaptation were Jewish – and that the ‘shock’ of a musical pageant of Nazis had softened over the years from the movie’s release to it being re-incarnated as a Broadway musical. Idiots on Larry King are saying that the success of the musical (which is a satire of bad taste) is just as offensive. I don’t agree.

Fergie says Give him a break? How many more breaks do you get? Yes, his mom died in a terrible car crash but come on – he’s a stuck-up aloof blue-blood stoner – how much slack can you cut? Oh but he said he’s sorry – shit – you’d think they were American with the way an apology seems to remove all context and responsiblity. They keep playing the clip Richard Quest screaming at Rick Sanchez. Somebody tranq that guy out.






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  1. andrew Avatar

    You’re very hard on him – he’s only a boy! Also, the Divine Right of Kings makes no sense at all – until you realise the alternative is the Divine Right of politicians.

  2. ivana Avatar

    OH COME ON.. when the hell are u gonna leave him alone.. yes he made a mistake-who are YOU St. Peter?..people who write this crap about him are bunch of jelaous assholes..

  3. Andy Avatar

    Wow. Considering that I posted this on January and you are commenting in June – I think that I’ve moved on.

    I’m not a jealous asshole – just think bratty and royalty shouldn’t go together.

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